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Clinical Services

Albany Health Management Associates provides counseling, psychotherapeutic and healthcare coordination services to chronically ill and traumatized individuals, couples, families and groups. Services are provided both locally in AHMA's Albany, N.Y. clinic and by telephone to patients worldwide.

AHMA's licensed psychotherapists:

  • Create a respectful and safe environment in which the patient becomes an equal partner with the practitioner in managing his or her health.

  • Offer an inclusive, integrative approach to chronic illness and trauma which considers the patient in his or her social and cultural environment.

  • Expand an integrative philosophy of treatment to the professional and lay community and effect healthcare policy changes reflective of this approach.

AHMA's services are based on the Fennell Four Phase Treatment (FFPT)™ model, which outlines four phases that patients with a chronic illness or trauma experience -- Crisis, Stabilization, Resolution and Integration. Our therapists enter into a partnership with their patients, helping them map out their own life journeys and manage their health. Individuals suffering from symptoms such as sleeplessness, depression, pain, fatigue, interpersonal difficulties or feelings of being overwhelmed can find help at AHMA. Our services include:

  • Psycho/Social Intervention Services
    • Individual/Couple/Family Therapy
    • Education/Support/Therapy Groups (e.g. chronic illness, trauma, sex abuse, depression, anxiety)

  • Rehabilitation Services
    • Disability Consultation
    • Vocational (Career) Counseling
    • Workplace Management
    • Rehabilitation Counseling (individual/family)

  • Health Education and Training
    • Patient Education
    • Employer Consultation
    • Healthcare Provider Consultation

  • In-Home Case Management & Coordination
    • Referral and Advocacy
    • Healthcare Provider Consultation
    • Preventative Healthcare Management
    • Information Management
    • Home Organization

AHMA participates with many insurance companies that offer outpatient mental health coverage. To set up an appointment or receive further information, please contact us.


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