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Patricia Fennell is frequently asked by the media to comment on issues relevant to chronic illness and trauma. Links to some of the articles and programs featuring Patricia's viewpoints are listed below.

She is also a prolific author, with articles published in professional and consumer magazines, journals, newsletters and electronic media; see the Articles section for links to some of her publications.

Press Releases | Print | Internet | TV/Radio

Press Releases

Patricia A. Fennell Book Release Event, February 2012.

Patricia Fennell Interviewed By WAMC's Alan Chartock, November 2009.

XMRV and CFS, October 2009.

Experts Hosting November Seminars On Recovery From Crime, Trauma, October 2009.

As Chronic Illness Becomes More Common, College Students Need More Help, January 2009.

Patricia Fennell Offers Help for Families with Autism at National Conference, July 2008.

Crime-Related Trauma More Than Just Victims, Says Albany Expert, June 2008.

Accommodating Chronically Ill Students is Subject of Albany Expert's Talks at DePaul University in Chicago, May 2008.

Patricia Fennell Contributes to Oxford Press Encyclopedia of Social Work, April 2008.

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Print Media

Higher Education Options Expand for Students with Chronic Illnesses. By Marilyn Gilroy.
Hispanic Outlook
magazine, June 7, 2010.

Invisible Illness: What You Can't See Does Hurt Her. By Jennifer Sisk.
Social Work Today,
November/December 2007.

A Chronic Problem on Campus: Illnesses such as chronic fatigue syndrome and MS make it tough for college kids to make it through. By Dave Newbart. Chicago Sun-Times, May 28, 2007.

Book Review: Managing Chronic Illness Using the Four-Phase Treatment Approach: A Mental Health Professional's Guide to Helping Chronically Ill People. By Jayendra K. Patel, M.D. Psychiatric Services, Volume 56, June 2005.

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Internet Media

Chronic Illness and the Holidays: Experts describe strategies to let people with chronic illness enjoy the holidays.
By Leanna Skarnulis. WebMD, November 2011. Originally published, November 2005.

Strategies for Lifestyle Modification: Incorporating Age Management Medicine Best Practices.
By Jeff Morris. e-Journal of Age Management Medicine, July 2008.

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TV/Radio Media

One Hour at a Time with Mary Wood
Living Fully in Trauma's Aftermath
May 16, 2011, 3-4 p.m. (ET) on the VoiceAmerica Radio Network

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HealthLink with Benita Zahn, WMHT-TV, Albany, N.Y. How to Manage Chronic Pain; April 2011.




Trauma and Loss. Alan Chartock...In Conversation with David Kaczynski, Gary Wright and Patricia Fennell. WAMC/Northeast Public Radio, Albany, NY, December 11, 2009.

Managing Students with Chronic Illness: In/Outside the Classroom. Student Affairs Leader.
Listen to Webinar audio preview

Living with Chronic Illness.
Forward Forum with John Quinlan & Laura Gutknecht, WTDY-AM, Madison, WI. Sept, 30, 2007.
Listen to podcast

HealthLink with Benita Zahn, WMHT-TV, Albany, N.Y. Pain Management, May 2008; Living With Chronic Pain, February 2007; Lupus and Fibromyalgia, February 2003.

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